Animal crossing: New Leaf.....the reason I bought a 3DS

So I bought a red 3DS XL last year after I graduated college in may. It was a graduation present to myself because I had noticed a new animal crossing game coming out on my birthday the next month. I calmly waited for my birthday and when the big day came I was first in line to pick my copy up. I started to play it and just got addicted. I had the store upgrades before everyone else, I had the coolest villagers, I even had my catalogs to 80% before everyone else. This went on for about 3 months, I played everyday...all day. I watched videos on how to make my town amazing looking. It was bad. Then as most things in my life go I lost interest after awhile of being absolutely addicted to it. After that I havent really touched my 3DS. I got the new Zelda game but didnt really play it. So today I decided that I need to play my AC:NL again. I was going to go in and reset my town and start over. But, I got in there and all that effort I put into my town...all those hours spent on digging up fossils, finding all the pieces to a set of furniture, and catching bugs, fish and sea creatures would just be gone. That fact scared the crap out of me and made my heart sink. Also I created Funville the day it was released, that is a very sentimental fact for me. So in the end I am stuck with Funville and its shitty river placement. But I wouldn't want it any other way.