How to set up a Bullet Journal

Supplies You Will Need:
  • A journal (preferably with graph paper)
  • Pens
  • Stickers
  • Washi Tape
Step One: Find your journal.
    Moleskine journals are very popular for this type of journal. I didn't use one because I couldn't find one with graph paper anywhere in my town. But any graph paper journal will do, it just depends on your needs. My only advice in this department is to select one with a fair amount of pages depending on how long you want to use it.

Step Two: Set Up Your Beginning Pages

This video shows you the original way to set it up. But after hours of searching Pinterest and going threw images I do believe I have found some amazing things to add to this.
Page 1 & 2 = Index
For this you want to leave enough room for you to fill in all the lists that you are going to make. I leave 2 pages just in case one isn't enough.

Page 3 = Key
This is where you enter your list of icons you mark your daily items with. Sure as if I need to do laundry that day I put a square (meaning its a task i need to do) then I write laundry.

Page 4 = yearly calandar (optional)
This is something I like to add because this system is so focused on the present daily things. This way I can keep myself planning for the future as well.
Page 5 = Special Dates Page
This page has birthdays, anniversary's, big events you know are coming up. Some like to add a 'future planning page'. I didn't because i use this page in pretty much the same way.

Page 7 - Start of the month. I like to decorate so you dont have to add this but I find it helpful. Also you will notice in the picture a stripe of washi tape to mark that its a month start page.

Page 8 & 9 Monthly Pages
The monthly calendar pages can be found here. The monthly chart is a personal rendition of the DIYFish Life Mapping inserts I had in my ring planner.

Page 10 & 11
On the daily pages I list the date and then begin to write out task's.

  Page 12 & 13
as you can see here I have a list on the left side and my next days on the right. This is an amazing feature of this system. Need to make a list? Don't get out the post-it notes, turn to the next empty page and begin! I never realized how many lists I needed to make on a weekly basis!
Step Three: Use it!

How to bullet journal in an Happy Planner