The Evolution of my Planning System

My first planner was given to me in middle school. They handed them out at the start of the year and wanted us to write down all our assignments and such. I remember how excited I got when I first realized how organized my life could actually be! Every year I got one until I hit High School. Then I got my own when I went supply shopping. I had to have the cutest one every year. As I got older though I started to realize that you can track more than just assignments in a planner. Work schedules, Bill due dates, paychecks all started to get placed in my adorable little planners. When I started college and had a lot more to do then in my younger years, my planner became a part of me. It held my entire life and yet it was only some paper on a spiral ring. Then when I graduated from college and began working I discovered Filofax's and ring bound planners. Granted I still have yet to get a actual Filofax but I love ring bound planners. I started with the Filofax week on 2 pages inserts then eventually progressed to the DIYFish Lifemapping system. I absolutely loved the system but it was so hard to print that I decided to go back to a spiral planner. Then one day I was looking around Pinterest and came across Bullet Journal's. I loved the ease of it and the design freedom you have with it. So I started to use the system and its been 3 weeks and I am still in love!