Bullet Journal: How to Make Your Key Work for You

So, in a Bullet Journal a Key helps you decide what each item on your daily list should be categorized as. This helps when you are looking at your list to know what needs to be done and when you can fit it into your day. Now the original bullet journal key looks like this:
For me, the majority of these bullets I will never use. So, I created some of my own.

First, I used the original key only for one week. After that week I went back and determined what other kinds of tasks I had besides what fit into the original list. I categorized my items into different categories. Such as, tasks in the different games I play (i.e. FF XIV and AC:NL), I know I wanted to track daily spending so I created a symbol for that. It all depends on what you have going on in your life.

Then, I figured out what symbols represent what I needed to mark. One big one was my dog's daily pain medications. It goes on there everyday and is extremely important so a regular task square won't do. So I made up a little puppy paw symbol and when I give them to her I fill in the base of the paw. Making your own symbols for important things help the items stick out and help your brain distinguish them from other items in your daily list.

This is what my key looks like now. AS you can see I use regular task boxes with the acronyms for my game tasks. I have a heart for things me and my bf do together or things we need to do together. Also, money spent so i can track daily spending. Lastly Sophie's med's to track when I administer them.

Hope this helps :D