My FauxDori Set up

I am an avid Youtube/Pinterest person. At least once a day I go through and search for planner topics and see if there is anything new out there. In doing this I come across a lot of things that I really enjoy and want to incorporate into my planning system. I have a previous post about my planner evolution but now I have a new addition to it. The Midori Travelers Notebook

But me being me, I am not gonna spend 50$ on something I can make myself for way cheaper. So I set out to make my own. This post isnt a DIY (that will be up in a few days). But this post is about how I am currently using mine.

This is the end result of a few days of trial and error. I could only find a sheet of 8.5 x 11 leather so the sides don't cover my books completely.

I went to Micheal's and found this transparency on clearance, for very cheap so I added it to the front ( a DIY on how to make this will be coming later as well).

My first book is my DIYFish Midori Inserts. I do enjoy these inserts and since my notebooks closer to 8 x 5, there is a little extra on the sides. But I do enjoy having the monthly calendar back :)

This is a folder insert. You can watch the tutorial here. This has 6 pockets and is made from a file folder. Mine holds coupons and stickers.

My second book is my bullet journal. I set it up the same as I did when I was in my book journal but without the lists because they are in separate book.

My Second book is home to my 365/30 and food journals. I wanted a separate place to house those things so I decided to put them in another book.

My Last book is my lists book. With a empty index lol.

This is how stuffed it is after 2 days. I have 4 books of 30 pages each in here atm. I love the way this planner feels, the way it smells, and how simple it is to use. I have a feeling I have found my life planner.