Vet Day

Today I took the girl's into the vets for their licenses and check ups. I hate this day because it seems like every time something new is wrong with Sophie. After the Hip Dysplacia Diagnosis I have hated going in there. But, I did it anyway today and we came out with a clean bill of health. Sophie doesn't have more blood work until September so yay for that! and I found out that since her diagnosis she has lost 10 pounds! Sadly Roxy gained them but her weights on its way down now that she is running around and swimming. Also, I learned about reverse sneezing. I asked the vet if dogs can get asthma because I thought roxy was having asthma attacks. She all of a sudden wouldn't be able to breath and make this horrible sound like she was dying. But the vet said they are called reverse sneezing fits and they are caused by allergies. So some simple benadryl and she will be fine.