DIY Bullet Journal Pen Holder

Hello all! So i went to staples today and I got a pen holder for my Molskine Bullet Journal. Got home and my coleto 5 color pen didnt fit in the elastic :( So, I decided I would make my own. I did this in my filofax back in the day and it worked out quite well so I thought I would share my technique with all of you :D

Supplies You Will Need:
  • Duck tape (I prefer the smaller rolls but you could cut a larger roll down as well)
  • Scissors
  • Your pen
*I have tried this with washi tape and duct tape is more durable*

Step One:
You will need to wrap the duck tape (sticky side out) around your pen to see how long to make your outer piece. You want to make it long enough to get a good secure stick onto your book, plastic divider, filofax or whatever else you want.

Step Two:
Cut a Piece of tape half the size of your first piece, and lay the smaller piece on top of the larger one sticky side down with a little bit sticking out on either side so it will stick to your book etc.
Step Three:
Wrap your duct tape around your pen and stick it onto your book. You want it to be a tight fit but not so tight that your pen rests inside the book. 
Step Four:
Reinforce your sticky pieces with another smaller piece of tape just to secure it in place, so you wont loose your favorite pen!
Then Voila! You have a inexpensive sturdy pen holder that is customized to your favorite pen! For me its my Coleto 5 color :D