New Bullet Journal Set Up

So if you haven't already noticed this, I change planners....a lot. So here we go again. I finally found a Molskine graph notebook in my town so I had to get it and use it for a bullet journal. Here is how I set it up (I will just share the elements that have changed since my last post):

 This is my new cover :D
My key: Color coding (purple=personal, Pink=money out, green=money in, blue=work), Life Mapping (purple=Daily Pages, pink=month, green=task list, blue=collections), Bullet Journal Key.

 These are my future planning sections for 2014 and 2015.
 My new month set up. I like having a large month view so I can fill it up as much as I need.
These are my month pages. July tasks then July Budget to track bills and paydays.
DIY Fish Inspired weekly page to track big weekly events (i.e. appointments, work sched. or other events)
 Credit card payment tracking pages (Date paid, amount paid, then remaining balance.)
 A envelope pocket I made for the back half of my Molskine. Just washi taped in.
Business Card holder taped in.