Supplies I Use with my Bullet Journal

I use a lot of different things in conjunction with my Bullet journal, but they all fit into these main categories:
  • Writing utensils
  • Decoration
  • Marking (i.e. important places etc.)
Writing Utensils:
1. My Pilot HI-TEC-C 5 color Coleto Pen
I have the 4 colors I use for color coding and a black cartridge in there currently. If you do color coding and don't have one of these I highly suggest you look into getting one. They are so convenient and easy to use. If your colors change you just order your new color and pop it in and your good to go. Plus it is so nice to be able to color code wherever you go with out having to lug around a whole pencil case full of pens.

 2. Monami Essenti Soft Highlighters
I have one of each of my coding colors. They are amazing highlighters. My purple, pink and blue have lasted 6+ months without drying out or running out of ink after daily use!

3. Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink Pen
I use this for outlining monthly calendars, or anything else where i need a bolder line.

4. A Pencil
This is used to work out where things go without it being permanent. I like this pencil because it retracts so you don't have to constantly push the lead back in so it wont break.

1. Washi Tape
This is used to add color to a normally boring page. There are so many different types and designs out there to choose from. Plus if you dont like it you can just remove it pretty easily.

2. Stickers
I love stickers always have, always will.

Marking (i.e. important places)

1. Post it notes
These are wonderful if you are on the go and want to jot something down, or if you want to add more color to a page.

2. Sticky Tabs
One of my favorite office supply inventions. These wonderful sticky page markers come in so many colors sizes and designs that you can pretty much customize your Bullet Journal anyway you want!