Bullet Journal: July Review

This month was my first month in my new journal.So most of my 40 pages for the month were my list's being transferred from my old journals. All in all I think this month has gone pretty well (simply by the fact that I am still using this system!). The only really big change I have made has been my weekly set up. I like to have a weekly overview at the start of each new week and I have been tweaking how I set that up each week ( I may even omit it for august). Ok, so enough blabbing lets get to the good stuff the pics!

 This was my final few days of July.
 This was my attempt at creating a monthly task list....didn't go so well.
 First week set up attempt.
 Second try...
 Final effort...
 I periodically add these in to remind myself to calm down and relax.
 If i am having a bad day seeing this page always makes me feel better.
 My new yearly layout.
Blank August.......but not for long.