My New System

So I am a ride or die, hardcore fan of the Bullet System for tasks. For planning although it can be done, it doesn't really fit my needs. I am still going to use my bullet journal, just not for planning. I plan to just list to do lists on a daily basis and use it more like it was originally meant to be. 

This is the Planner I got. A Studio C monthly and weekly design.
The reason I went with this planner is I love the quotes and design of the monthly tabs. I ended up payng about 16$ for it.
I went right to decoration time. I missed decorating every week like i used to do in my faux filo.
I went for a yellow theme this month to get me ready for fall (which is coming a lot faster than it should).

The main difference by adding this planner to my routine is that now all planning things will be done in this and all daily tasks will be done in my Bullet Journal.