Top Five Bullet Journal Tips

1. Graph pages make Bullet Journaling so much easier.
       If you like to have full monthly layouts or any layouts that take outlining things then graph paper makes it so simple to plan and lay them out. Graph journals may be a bit harder to find and there arn't as many options as regular lined journals, but it makes it a bit easier to use for people who are just starting out with this system and seeing what works best for them.

2. Personalizing you'r journal makes you want to use it.
      You might read that and say "duh Rebecca" but the truth is that if you have white pages with only black ink day after day with nothing fun or pretty to look at, why would you use it? When you go to the store and get a planner there are colors, pictures and/or textures. So why wouldn't you put pretty, fun things in you'r DIY planner?

3. Just because you make a mistake doesn't mean your whole journal is ruined.
     When I started using the bullet journal system I would make a mistake and feel like since the pages arn't removable that i would just have to start over. But I quickly realized that a little mistake isn't that bad. I usually draw over mistakes or white them out. Mistakes are gonna happen, so dust off those drawing skills and make it pretty!

4. Make a pen sample page!
      This one is something that you don't realize is a good idea until after you use a pen, turn the page and see what you had just wrote on the other side of the page. Nough Said LOL.

5. Join Groups and search Youtube and Pinterest for idea's
      The way to find what works best for you is to try it out. In my Bullet Journal every week layout is different because I still haven't found one that really works for me. Most of my journal layouts came from social media of some sort. There is facebook and google+ groups just search 'Bullet Journal'. 
*If you have any good tips leave them in the comments*