How to cover a Mirror in Contact Paper

So, I haven't posted in quite some time because we have been moving into our first home. The house we are renting was pretty empty except for this large mirror in the living room. I didnt really like having a mirror that large staring at me when i first walk in the door for work, so I decided to cover it. I stopped by the dollar tree down the road from me and picked up some dark wood contact paper. I then proceeded to try t place the sticky paper onto the mirror, with quite a bit of difficulty. Tony happened to walk by and asked if contact paper was like window tint. So he showed me how to easily hang contact paper on a mirror.
I got two rolls of dark wood contact paper at the dollar store.

This is a spray bottle of water with a few drops of dawn dish soap.

Start by peeling your paper.

Then spray with the soapy water mix ( I know this sounds crazy but it works)
Spray the mirror with your soapy water mix where you want the contact paper.

 Peel all your backer paper off and place the wet paper on the wet mirror.
 It slides pretty easy, so just line it up where you want it.
 Cut for the mirror hooks.
 Use a credit card to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. 
You can cover the card in paper towel for the edges.

Let it dry for a day and this is the finished product :D