How to set up a Fauxbonichi

I have heard about Hobonichi planners for awhile but only recently got into to them myself. The history behind this style of journaling is very difficult to figure out if you don't understand Japanese. I don't like to site Wikipedia for information but its the only information i could find in English so we are going with it. So I have heard rumors from other Hobonichi users that this style was created by a game designer from Nintendo, so as a gamer, my interest was peeked. according to Wikipedia Hobonichi planners were created by a man named Shigesato Itoi, who is a game designer at Nintendo. When I was looking for a new way to journal I remember hearing about this so decided to try it and fell in love. I use mine as more of an art journal than a planner. But it still is a wonderful tool for journaling and planning. I am gonna show you how I set mine up :)

Step One: Get a journal 
You can use anything you have but a very popular choice is the Miquelruis Notebook that you can get a Barnes and Noble for around 10$. It has about 300-400 sheets of graph paper. With this style you use a page per day so the more paper you have the longer your book can be used.

Step Two: Set Up Your Pages
The Hobonichi style of page set up is very minimal, but highly effective, Most people have the day number, the month and day of the week, weather and moon phase at the top of the page. Some people put in monthly pages or even weekly pages (most of the time this is if you are using it as a planner). 

If you look to the edge of my pages you will see a highlighted portion with the month's number. This is so from the side you can see each months pages.

This is my month view.

From there you pretty much do a page a day for the rest of the notebook. 

I hope this helps you. And I will be adding a page up top called 'Fauxbonichi' and I will have loads of information and idea's up there.