How to Paint a Fauxdori

This project cost's around 15$ give or take a few coupons from Micheal's or Jo Ann Fabrics. 

Supplies you will need:
- A piece of tooling Leather
- Leather Paint (whatever colors you want)
- Painter's tape
- Paint Brush
- Moistened paper towels
- Elastic Thread
- Something Pokey 

Step One:
Get out you'r piece of leather and wipe it down with a moist paper towel to remove the finish that the company puts on it.

Step two:
While it dries make any cut's you want i.e. rounded corners, cut the sides down a bit.

Step three: 
Begin to paint you'r leather with the leather paint. This particular paint tells you to paint 2 layers giving an hour to dry each time. I did 2 coats on the outside and one on the inside. 

*Suggestion: use a wide foam brush for a more even coat. 

Step Three B:
This is an optional step. I wanted to do stripes of gold so I used painters tape to tape off the mint colors I didn't want to be painted. I then did a coat of gold, waited a few minutes and did another. After a few more minutes I pulled up and tape and let the paint dry.

Step Four:
This is the fun part! Punching you'r elastic holes. First, find your center. I like to put my closure elastic on the binding so I poke a hole here but if you want a back closure find the center of the right side and poke a hole there. 

Step Five:
Thread your elastic (there are some great videos on how to do this on youtube) and add your books! You're done!

Idea's to make this project even cooler:
-use a cool punch to make a stencil 
-paint a cool famous artwork
-use your favorite colors
- do stripes or chevron designs
         ...if you have any other cool ideas, comment them below :D

Coming Next Week:
How to organize your craft area with all dollar store items!