My New Erin Condren Life Planner

 Hello everyone! For my first blog post in awhile I thought I would show you guy's how I have set up my new Erin Condren Life Planner. This doesn't mean that I am not bullet journaling or using my Craziedori. I plan on making my Craziedori as a journal later on. For now I am moving everything over to my new planner :D

This is my April monthly layout. Not as decorated and cute as I would like but its getting there :)

This how I am incorporating my bullet journal and my ECLP. I have my tasks in the month view, and tasks move from month to week to day depending on what has already been done.

I made these bill labels myself for my monthly view.

This is my ;morning' section in the weekly view which I switched to fit my blog stuff.

I changed afternoon to personal to accommodate all the personal things I need to do. I have found that between my job, the etsy store, and home and family, I have kinda lost myself. So Everyday I am going to put one item on my to do list in that box that is just for me. Whether its doing my nails or watching a movie, I am doing one thing for me. 

The night section I switched to home. This is where I am going to put all my fly lady to do's, bills, and anything pertaining to my family and home.

These custom bill flags are a DIY. I might do a post on this later on :D

The perfect fortune cookie EVER!!!

If you have any questions, comments or tips to a ECLP newbie post them below!!