My Vaping History

Today I would like to talk about vaping. It's an alternitive to smoking tobacco cigarettes AKA 'icky sticks'. I started my vaping/E-cig journey around 2 years ago. I often times would try something and it would end up not working so I would go back to traditional cigarettes. If you are looking to stop smoking or for a healthier alternative to smoking this might be something for you. I have three suggestions for people who might want to start vaping:

1. Do your research
This includes on devices, about vaping and even about your ejuice. Watch youtube video's, read blog posts (like this one lol), go to a local brick and mortar and ask lots and lots of questions. You can even ask me (i dont know everything but I can at least point you in the right direction). 

In my experience when I vape around people who don't know anything about vaping they have a ton of questions, so know your facts. Visit websits like CASAA. Read the research and know what to tell people when they ask. This is a fairly new thing so a lot of people have a lot of questions and it's up to us to tell then the truth and know our facts. 

2. This is gonna be a trial and error type of thing
Most vaper's go through a line of progression. We all start with a fake ciggarette type of device and work our way to mod's and such things. That's not to say that if a electronic ciggerette (like a blue e-cig) is working for you, then thats bad. Its all about finding what works best for you. I have spent the last 2 years trying to find something that works for me and I have learned a lot about the systems I have used so I would love to share any information you would like to know :D

3. Don't give up
If you really want to either stop smoking or just be healthier about the way you in take your nicotine then don't give up just because something didn't work for you. There are SO MANY different ways to vape now that you can try something else and see if that works better for you. 

That being said lets get into the fun stuff :D 

My Alternitive Smoking History *dah dah dah dahhhhhh*
So to start I will rewind my brain back to when I was 15 years old and I tried my first cigarette. I have a very addictive personality and it felt like I immediately was hooked. I started smoking a pack a week and slowly went to a pack every two days. By age 18 (when I could actually buy them myself) I was smoking a pack a day. That was about where I leveled out for the next 7 years. I actually quit for three years using Chantex (the stop smoking pill) which worked but one day I took one hit off a cigarette and I was almost immediately back to a pack a day. So I realized that this is always gonna be an issue for me so maybe I could find a healthier alternative. And here start's my journey....

-Bought a disposable e-cig at a local tobacco shop and sort of liked it.
-Ended up buying a blu ecig so I could recharge it and have it with me all the time
-realized that the batteries dont last that long and quit using it.

-Bought an orbit ego starter kit from a local brick and mortar (the tank leaked really horribly so I ended up not using it)
- few months later bought a gravity variable voltage ego type set up with a mini pro tank 2. It worked so well but it didnt produce much vapor and I didnt realize I had a PG sensitivity (that will be explained a little farther down) and I didnt really use it that much.

-Got an istick 30w and eleaf melo tank. Also, started to vape 70 VG/30 PG juices and liked it so much more. I then realized that the reason why the 50/50 juices made me sick was that I must have a allergy or a sensitivity of some sort. 

Present day
still using the istick 30w with the eleaf melo tank with higher VG juices and have been cigarette free for almost 2 weeks with no signs of going back.

I hope to get into dripping and RDA's and box mod's but for now i like my current set up :)

This is just my journey and not everyone's will be the same but I think there is some camaraderie in sharing our stories. 

I hope this help's someone out who is wondering whether to start vaping. I am hoping to post a lot more about it :D