2016 Planner Set Up

For 2016, I have decided to use two planners. I have landed upon Mambi's Happy Planner, and a personal size traveler's notebook.

I decided upon these two planners simply because I wanted to decorate with stickers but also have a bullet journal scribble to do list everyday. I feel like I have hit upon a really great happy medium with both of these planners. 

I came across the Happy Planner back in 2015. I actually first had the MAMBI undated kit from Micheal's.I ended up hating the undated aspect and just went and got this dated one. 

I really enjoy decorating in this planner. This particular edition does not have the colored weekend box's which is nice because I work on Sundays so my weekend doesn't involve that day. 

Week 53 2015

Week One 2016

Week Two 2016

As you can see I pick a theme for the week. This could be certain color's, or a type of food (i.e. donuts) or just a general design. 

I also have been designing my own stickers for my spreads. I will be publishing a tutorial on this soon. 

My Daily carry is a a personal size fauxdori. I made this out of a scrap piece of leather I had laying around. I was using a ring planner and I just got sick not using the majority of the space in it. So I switched and I am so happy I did. 

I currently have 4 books:

1. 2 year monthly Planner from target

This is nice to carry because you don't have to worry about damaging rings or anything. It is also nice because I love traveler's notebook's and personal size so its the best of both worlds. 

So hopefully this system sticks longer than a few months :D