Week 3/4 update

This week I had a few changes in my planner line up and my vaping line up. Even though i changed some things lets start with last weeks layouts.

Week 3 in my personal size fabdori

Week 3 in my Happy Planner

Week 3 in my happy planner with my added content
For those of you who dont know I have lived in Flint, Michigan (except my 2 years in college) my whole life. This current issue has put my beloved hometown in the spotlight and since I journal in my happy planner I felt it was necessary to document this.

This week went pretty smooth in my happy planner. I went for a galaxy theme. I was trying to do dark themes in January since February will be very pink and light colors. 

I made two Fabdori's!

I used this tutorial and it cost me under 15$ for both!

This week also had a lot of change in my vaping. I have been trying some new flavors.
-Taffy man h20 berry
-Taffy Man grape

All these flavors were amazing! I also got a new RDA. I upgraded from my lil boy to a phenotype-L. The main difference between these two rda's is the air hole and the fact that the phenotype is a two post desk and the lil boy was a three. 

So for next week in my happy planner I decided to do a throw back to the Erin Condren and do a teal and orange theme. 
week 4 in my fabdori

Week 4 in my Happy Planner

Also I have a tip for all you adult coloring book fans. I have always photo copied my pages so i dont ruin my books and can enjoy images over and over again or give them away as gifts. So i cut them down and added them to my happy planner. Its a hard surface to color on if you are on a couch and keeps them with you so you dont have to carry around all your fav books.

That is it for this week. No printable this time because I'm not sure about the stores policy on using there digital scrapbook paper for freebies.