My Current Issue

So yesterday I went to a small planner meet not far from my house. It was so  amazing to meet such nice people who share a love like I do. The only thing I have an issue with is that every time I go to a planner meet 80%+ of the people there have Erin Condren Planners. They have such cute stickers and do such a great job making their planners look so stinking adorable. Then I start to think 'oh I wish my planner was that cute' then my brain automatically goes 'I could get an Erin Condren, they are on sale' or something like that. But then I would have to get a crap ton of stickers and more washi and enable me even more.

I got one last April and used it for all of 3 months and then switched to something else. I even have a happy planner but its just not the same. The way I plan now is what works for me for the moment and maybe one day that will work for me but for this moment I wouldn't. If I was smart I would just get some stickers and start incorporating them into my set up so It felt more "decorated". But I am not a smart woman when it comes to planners. Ugh. Why do I switch planners so much? Some people use Erin Condren's for years in a row. How do I get to that point in my planning process? Maybe I'm just a planner girl on an endless search for planner peace. But for the first time in my entire life, I really want to be like everyone else.