Week 16/17 update

This week a lot happened with my planner. Not only did I decorate for next week, I also did my may monthly and the info center. For my May monthly I went with a national pet awareness theme. On the dashboard I went with some scrapbook paper from one of the Micheal's hot deal paper pads. As for the week 17 spread I actually decorated it at the Michael's Planners night out event at my local Michael's store. It was a pretty fun event. The teacher at my store made it more about what do we want to see stocked in the store in the future and even brought her own planner! It was a pretty interesting night but I realized I really do not enjoy planning in other places, but it did make for a very memorable spread. 

Also I went and got white arc rings at my local staples and I am still considering getting the Martha Stewart nickle plated disc's shipped to my local store. I am really enjoying one inch rings but now that I am adding more stuff to my planner, space is getting more and more scarce. 

I love this planner so much. I have been carrying it with me wherever I go for the simple fact that I am sad and anxious if it isn't with me. It really has become a paper copy of my brain which I never understood before when planner people would say that about their planners. Now its so obvious. 

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