How I Bullet Journal in My Happy Planner

Some of my highest views on this blog are about bullet journaling and it is a system I have used for years now. Its quite versatile as well. No matter what planner I move to I use my task and appointment system to keep track of all my to do's.  This is my way of managing tasks, appointments, and events in my Happy Planner.
 Step One:
Brain Dump
You have to get the tasks out of your head that have been building up in there. This Incompletion trigger list is a great way to remove those tasks from your brain so you can break them down and check them off!
 Step Two:
Tasks for the month
These are general and big tasks that you can break down in the week and days. This is like my 'clean out closet' or 'dad's birthday present'. These are broad tasks that later I can break them down for completion.
 Step Three:
Weekly Tasks
These are mid level breakdown of tasks. There are only 5 because I don't want to overwhelm myself. 5 seems doable for the week (you can always add more if you need too).
 Step Four:
Daily Top Three
This is the final level. Tasks should be at the smallest level they can be at this point. I only have three a day but if I need to add more I can. 

 Events are a triangle and work days are a hexagon. i use this stencil I got pretty cheaply at Micheal's for this task. Plus its very thin so it slides in my planner pocket when not in use. 

this video is one of my favs for functional planning