Week 18 2016 Planner Recap

This is my May monthly view. I can hear your questions of how I got may in the hello life theme. Well on one of the happy planner Facebook groups, a very nice lady named Nicola posted this great idea to use October and November pages from 2017 to make may and June of 2016 since the days line up. So I scrapped the pages I had already done and copied everything over. I printed the pages on 28 pound paper which is nice but no where close to the actual happy planner pages.

I LOVE the pastel colors. I am so in love, I have never fully used a planner like this before. I cannot believe I am saying this but I think I have found planner peace O_O

This is how this week turned out. I know its kind of empty but I need to find more things to do with my days LOL.