Week 19 Happy Planner Recap

This week was a fun one. I am so in love with the design of the weekly pages in my planner that I almost dont want to decorate the pages with washi and stickers. So I started to doodle a lot this week. As you can see I have taken a more simplified process this week to task's. I started to do this last week and it worked quite well. The top box is my top three tasks. Often times the tasks have sub items (i.e. dishes are unloading and loading the dishwasher). I am still using squares for tasks and hexagons for work and triangles for events/appointments. I really enjoyed doodling and coloring in my planner so that might be something that you see from now on. 

On another note, I fell into the trap known as the recollections planner binders. I went and got one and decided I didn't like it. Which is really weird for me. I just kept thinking how much I was gonna miss my happy planner being with me. So I just decided to put the recollections planner aside and stick with my happy planner.