Planner girl gone digital

Hello everyone. Long time no talk. I have spent the last 5 years going from planner system to planner system trying to find something that fits like a glove. A system that not only reduces my anxiety but also fosters's my creative artist side. This task was harder to check off than I originally thought. Every few month's I would completely change everything and leave tons of paper and ink in my wake.

So in early January, I decided to go paperless. Cut down on printing tons of inserts, making dividers, printing stickers. Just stop doing all of that and go digital. This change was very scary for me at first. I was worried that I would get bored of it like I had every other system I had tried. For years non-paper planner users would ask me why I didn't just use my phone, and I would always reply " I just like the feel of paper". This is the case but as I have learned the last couple months it isn't necessary for me to remember things. Plus the upside to going digital is, you don't have to lug around a giant planner to keep track of everything. I have everything I had in my planner but on my phone, my computer and on my tablet. They are all synced and update more than I probably need them to. 

So why did I go digital? Personally, I just was sick of changing systems every couple of months. After 5 years of paper planning, all my social media pages were constantly showing me ideas of things I needed to make or try. Whenever I saw a new kind of washi I had to buy it, or the target dollar spot got new page flags I had to scour 4 different targets to find them. I was investing way too much of my time and money on something that wasn't even working for me. There were other things in my life that I decided were more important for me to invest my time and money into. 

Now for a small disclaimer. If you use a paper planner and it works for you, then keep using it. This was a choice that I made for me, but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone. I am just telling you my story. 

So, how does a person who spent five years using paper to plan every aspect of her life suddenly find a system that works for her on her phone? First of all, my phone is with me 24-7. I use it for waking me up for work in the morning, to listen to music, to watch TV after I get home from work, to find my way to a yummy place to eat after work. The biggest issue I had with paper planners was, you cant take them with you everywhere. Whether it is a spiral bound planner or a pocket-sized ring planner, there will be a time where you will just leave it in the car and that's the second you will need it. Now I can hear you saying 'But Rebecca, cant the same be said for your phone also?' and you would be right. There are times that I just leave my phone in my car but its usually when I am running into the gas station before work to buy a pop. If I had a paper planner, my store cards might be in there and I would miss out on getting points or something else. For me personally, my biggest example of this was at work. My job is in retail and I can only carry so much in my pockets. I was using my planner as a means to help with my anxiety, and if I don't have it with me my mind begins to worry that I am not doing something that I need to be. For a short time, I was using a pocket-size bullet journal, which did work well but I can be quite lazy about sitting down and making spreads. Personally digital was just the best option for everything that I need to plan. 

So if you aren't using a paper planner, what are you using? For me, I have a mix of google calendar, Todoist, Daylio, Evernote and google keep. Every one of these apps, except Daylio and synced across all my devices. I use each app for something different, and yet when something comes up my brain surprisingly quickly can decide which app is best for what I need to remember. There are times when I out of habit start to write something on a sticky note, but with Evernote, I just scan it right into the app on my phone.

This lifestyle change isn't for everyone. It was just a decision I made in hopes of breaking me free of some very bad habits. Now I can save more money and spend more time being creative in other ways. I have been painting more, working on my cross stitch pieces, and reading more often. My needs are taken care of but in a simpler, faster and in a less waste producing manner. In my next post, I will give you the 5 apps that have completely replaced paper in my life.

Thank you,