One Book July 2018 Set Up

My 2018 set for #onebookjuly is pretty much all digital. I am currently using 6 apps to manage my life. They cover every aspect of my life from tasks to fitness. 

1. Todoist
I love Todoist. It allows me to track my daily tasks that I normally would spend pages of paper trying to keep track of in a bullet journal. Also, it has this nice feature called 'Karma' that adds a little incentive to do all those little things on your list every day.

2. Google Calendar
This has been a standard in my life for years. I did not use it as much until the beginning of 2018 but it was always there.

3. Fitbit App
This is used along with my watch (Fitbit Versa). I track sleep, steps and general health stuff. It comes in so handy when at the doctor's office.

4. Habitica
This is one of my favorite apps I use. It adds a gaming quality to mundane daily things. I use it to do habit tracking and personal to do's that don't really have to be done (like a game to do).  Also, the party aspect is really fun to fight monsters with your friends through completing habits and dailies.

5. Google Keep
This is an amazing app for quick notes or listing things out. I have a grocery list one that I shared with my boyfriend so we both know what we need.

6. Every Dollar
This is a money/budgeting app by Dave Ramsey. I am a lover of systems and the one he created for money management is amazing!

Other apps to mention:

Google drive: this is a wonderful alternative to Microsoft Word.  I use the sheets for some aspects of my budgeting and accounting.

Dropbox: I love the cloud aspect of this. I am able to access my documents from my phone or computer and I just print to pdf and save to the folders of my computer. A real time saver to declutter your desk.

Gmail: This is a staple of my daily routine. I love being able to add events to google calendar through it and generally keep track of my life.

The main part of my planning is digital, but I do have one leather TN that holds my journal and a bunch of folders to serve as my inbox on my desk. That way I have one notebook that has everything and I don't need a giant plastic inbox that holds everything right on top of my desk.

This all may look like a lot but I have a specific system for everything and so no matter what app I use everything is broke down the same way. That is my number one planning tip, develop your personal system so it can be moved across any system at any time and you will still be productive. 

Rebecca Anne 
Crazielittlefish Owner